A Little About Me…

Hi peeps,

I’m Lexi. A thirty-something full time Mummy to Elijah. I live in the UK with my baby boy and my partner. Elijah is getting a little older now and it’s time to start pursuing that career I always dreamed of…

Animals and makeup are my passions so I figured I would combine the two and become a cruelty-free makeup artist and prove that you’re never too old to follow your dreams. I qualified in makeup in my early twenties and began working as a freelance makeup artist until I landed a job as a Playboy Bunny in London. I know! Random, right?! So now here I am; a lot older and a little wiser, getting back on track with the whole makeup thingy.

My blog will cover all things makeup and all things vegan 🌱 All products I use are not tested on animals and contain no animal by-products. Why? Because it is important to be just as beautiful on the inside as it is the outside. And that means consciously not contributing to the pain and suffering of others.

I’ve noticed that almost every blogger/you-tuber out there is still twenty-something or younger so I wanted to add a little age to the mix.

My goal is to one day open my own animal sanctuary providing a safe and loving home for rescued farm animals and any other animals in need. So here’s to being super successful so I can achieve my dream!

“How do you know if somebody is vegan? They will tell you!” … True story 😂

Welcome to my site,

Lexi 💖